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BiGo Assistant is Go (Baduk, Weiqi) games, fuseki and joseki database program directed to users who want to improve their playing strength. BiGo Assistant will be useful for Go players from 20 kyu to high professional dans.

BiGo Assistant is designed for Windows.

Principal educational purposes of the BiGo Assistant:

  Goal BiGo Assistant tool or feature
1 Study the game of Go in general, replay professional games of different playing styles 1. Professional game records from Go Games Database
2. Personal Professional Player Subbases
2 Study opening stage and early middle of the Go game. 1. Fuseki Database from Professional Player Subbase and linked games.
2. Joseki Databases from Professional Player Subbase and linked games.
3  Analyze opening stage of the user's own games 1. Full Fuseki Database.
2. Full Joseki Database.

Program description & features

General features

  • Multi windows SDI. You can create as many dynamic Go boards with games, fuseki, joseki and games lists as you need.

  • Compactness. Single Control Center with the information panel for the current active Go board.

  • Many options for interface tuning.

  • History of viewed games is available.

  • Print games, fuseki and joseki variations.

  • Simple closing of the active window with the Esc key.

Go Board

  • Easy board resizing and game navigation.

  • All types of symmetries and rotations of the board are supported.

  • Stone color inversion for Joseki windows.

  • Board duplication (useful for exploring different fuseki/joseki from one node).

  • Test board (use for testing the position by making your own moves).

  • Simple SGF file viewer.

  • You don't need to rotate the board for a more convenient position view after the next move: just click the point symmetrical to chosen letter.

Go Games Database/Subbases part:

  • Go games list:

    • Sort by: player, white player, black player, event, date, number of moves.

    • Search for a game or a set of games.

  • Open board with the game from the game list.

  • Show the game information at the control center desk.

  • Restore a game fuseki from the game board (for games from Go games database and from SGF files).

  • Export games to SGF files.

Fuseki and Joseki Database/Subbases part

  • Fuseki/Joseki Database has a complex graph structure which could be compared with the jungle (not with a tree) because of large amiount of branch (variations of fuseki/joseki) intersections. That is why the number of variations in the Fuseki/Joseki Databases much much more then the number of the games at the Games Database.

  • Full game statistics for each fuseki/joseki move. You could see game result statistics by different categories of players (pro+semipro, strong ama players, other and total).

  • Two different statistics for fuseki/joseki moves:

    1. Statistics by variation. If selected position can be reached in different ways, the program shows game statistics for the current variation and for the position (b) in total.

    2. Statistics by position.

  • The rank of strongest player who made the current (and previous) move is displayes ( i.e. last black and white moves).

  • Each fuseki/joseki variation ends with an unique game.

  • Fuseki/Joseki Databases are also searching indexes to find lists of games for a specific opening (full board, half board and corner positions).You can get a list of the games for each fuseki/joseki position.

  • Search for a specific position. The user defines a part (single or multiple) of the board for searching games from any fuseki and joseki window.

  • Letters for next fuseki/joseki move are sorted by the winning percentage and could be colored by the players category (pro, semipro, amateur).

Additional features for the future version 1.0:

  1. Input user commentaries.

  2. Full featured SGF Go games editor.

  3. Add user games in SGF format to BiGo database.

BiGo Assistant Tiny

BiGo Assistant Tiny program use Tiny Database set. All programs features are the same as in Full version.

BiGo Assistant Profi

BiGo Assistant Profi program use Profi Database set. All programs features are the same as in Full version.

BiGo Assistant Full

BiGo Assistant Full work with Full Database set.

BiGo Assistant Full includes BiGo Joseki for free.

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