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BiGo OCR is a program for scan and recognize Go (Baduk, Weiqi) diagrams and fast manual input (linear input) of Go games.

BiGo OCR is designed for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP.

BiGo OCR will be useful for:

  • all Go games collectors
  • everybody who need to replay Go games printed at the one or two diagrams.
  • everybody who need fast manual input to computer handwritten game records.

Program description & features

Main functions of the program are:

  1. Scan and recognize Go diagrams.
  2. Linear input of Go games
  3. Usual (sequential) input of Go games

Scan and recognize.

User can scan printed diagrammes of Go games, problems etc., save them in BMP format and recognize (digitize) these diagrammes.

Recognition of the game from one 240-260 moves diagram with a reasonably good printing quality (like in Japanese or Korean monthly magazines or Yearbooks) took usually 1-2 min. There are necessary extra 2-3 min for checking mistakes and input non diagrammed moves.

Linear input.

Linear input is a special kind of input Go games like writing a text. User transfer move numbers from diagram digit by digit and number by numbers.

Linear input of the game from one 220-240 moves diagram needs 4-6 min from good operator. Sequantial input of the same game takes from 20 to 40 min.

After the finish of linear input, there is necessary to switch mode to usual input mode and input non diagrammed moves and check errors.

There is no Help file yet. Please direct your questions about program features to

We apologized for inconvenient interface and possible bugs. This is only the first public version of the program.

BiGo OCR is info-donationware

BiGo OCR distributed as info-donationware. We don't ask any money for using our program. We ask for share your Go records with us: for information donations to BiGo games and other collections.

BiGo OCR works with special Go files format: BCR. You can read and write Go files (Go games, Go diagrams etc.) in this format with BiGo OCR only. If you want to have SGF files of Go records you created with BiGo OCR, you need to send us BCR files (you can do it directly from the program: 'File' -- 'Send game'). We will send you SGF records back in a little while. For this service user give BiGo Software permission for use his Go records in the BiGo commercial collections.

How to register BiGo OCR

  1. Start program.
  2. Go to Help -- Register.
  3. Fill edit fields.
  4. Push button 'Copy code to clipboard'
  5. Create new e-mail message. Paste registration data from clipboard.
  6. Send message to
  7. Wait for the answer :). We'll send back program key soon.

BiGo OCR Pro

If you do not like to share your Go information with BiGo, you can purchase BiGo OCR Pro version. It deals with SGF files directly.
But this program is commercial...

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