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BiGo Joseki

BiGo Joseki is a Go Joseki browser and editor.

BiGo Joseki is designed for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP.

Program description & features

Main functions of the program are:

  1. Browse and print joseki variations tree.
  2. Input and delete new josekies.
  3. Input and edit commentaries.
  4. Import joseki from SGF files.

Browse and print joseki variations tree.

There are about 10 000 corner patterns (more than 120 000 moves) have been manually entered from many Go books. Because of unique algorythm of tree builder (find and merge same positions) number of variations were increased to 22700 and number moves - to 365 000.

User interface and features are very similar to BiGo Assistant.

Input and delete new josekies.

You can input new moves with simple mouse click if you check off Read Only in the Edit menu.

Input end edit commentaries.

You can input and edit short (prefabricated) and long (user text) commentaries for each joseki move in a different languages and with a source reference. To do it simple double click (or right click and choose desirable item from popup menu) with the mouse at the Comments field in the Control panel of the program.

Import joseki from SGF files.

You can import easily another Joseki database (in SGF format) into BiGo Joseki.

The best Joseki database in SGF format is Kogo's Joseki Dictionary.
For now Kogo's Joseki distributes for free.

There is no Help file yet.
Because of about the same interface BiGo Assistant and BiGo Joseki, you can use BiGo Assistant Help online or use Help from BiGo Assistant program.

We have apologized for the possible bugs. This is only the first public version of the program.

Please send your questions about program features and bug reports to

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