Control Panel Window

Actually Control Panel Window consists of two windows: Control Panel itself and Info Window.

You can split Control Panel Window in two parts and then join them with View->Toolbars->'Dock info' menu item.

Menu and Toolbars of the Control Panel works with current active window.

Info Window for Game Board show game information.

Info Window for Fuseki/Joseki Board show 3 types of statistics (if existed):

  1. Statistic for current move (for variation). If selected position can be reached in different ways, the program shows game statistics for the current variation.

  2. Statistic for current position - in total.

  3. Statistic for the next move

If only one last move possible (there is only one back reference) 'Statistic for move' and 'Statistic for position' are the same and only 'Statistic for move' shows.