Search by position

This is most interesting type of search. If the fuseki/joseki board is active, at the any time you can press F7 or for switch to the Search mode.

In Search mode all buttons of the Edit Toolbar and Edit->Stones menu become enable. You can start enter search position using those buttons, which described in: Edit->Stones and in Edit->Shadow Board Part.

With you can exclude/include any part(s) of the board of arbitrary configuration from the search.

You can put black and white stones in shadowed parts. These stones has special meaning.

Lets try to find follow position from Full Board Fuseki of Pro Sub Base (Tiny Database)

After settle position, you can change search options in Control panel:

Search options means exactly that is written.

'Clear' button clears board from the search pattern.

For usual cases you have not need change any setting. Simply click 'Search' button for search or 'Cancel' button for cancellation.

In a few moment you will see:

Given position were found in two games. You can select any of them and open. Game opens automatically in searching position with proper board symmetry settings.