Print fuseki/joseki subtree

You can print any part of fuseki/joseki tree from any database (Full, professional etc).

To do list for that is follow:

  1. Open fuseki/joseki window and place position from which you want start variation subtree print.

  2. Set Page Setup->General->Diagram Type to Variation.

  3. Set Page Setup->General->To Move Number to the number where variation subtree finish.

  4. Set Page Setup->General->Max Number of diagrams to big number (for example 100).

  5. Set diagram size and other options in Page Setup->Diagrams.

Parameter Page Setup->General->From Move Number have determined as 1 and can not be changed.

Let's consider very simple example.

We want to print all diagrams from follow Pro Base joseki only one move deep.

If we set Page Setup->General as shown here

Page Setup->Diagrams as shown here

we'll get follow printout:

If you do not want to see move numbers for initial position, switch off
Page Setup->Diagrams->Show move numbers for the 1st dia.

Look at the diagrams header.

You can hide it all by switching off
Page Setup->Diagrams->Show Diagram Header.

#2 is a diagram number. You can do not output it by switching off
Page Setup->Diagrams->Show Dia Numbers.

1(6) means: only one move 1 output (with absolute number 6).

a (1) means: this diagram is 'a' continuation of the dia. 1. Next move will be black. You can do not output it by switching off Page Setup->Diagrams->Additional info.