Print game

You can print game from different windows:

  1. Any Game List including Game History. Selected game will print. If you select more than one game, the set of games will print.

  2. Game board window. Current game will print.

  3. Fuseki/joseki window. Game which complete selected variation (or all 'a' continuation, if variation left unfinished) will print.

For print game there are necessary follow option settings:

  1. Set Page Setup->General->Diagram Type to Game.

  2. Set Page Setup->General->From Move Number to 1.

  3. Set Page Setup->General->To Move Number to 0 (if you want to print all game) or specify number of moves if you want print part of the game.

  4. Set Page Setup->General->Diagrams Numbering depends on type of numbering you want.

  5. Set Page Setup->General->Max Number of diagrams depends on number of diagrams for thr game you want.

  6. Set Page Setup->General->Moves per Diagram

  7. Set diagram size and so on in Page Setup->Diagrams.

  8. Set Info fields and their order for game header output in Page Setup->Game Info