Open Fuseki from the game

There might be interesting to know other possibilities to play fuseki/joseki for current game. You can use Fuseki Analyzer or View -- 'Open Fuseki for the game' ( from the Window Toolbar) for that.

You can open new window with fuseki/joseki from any database for current active window with the game/external game/fuseki/joseki.

If you choose View -- 'Open Fuseki for the game' or press at the Window Toolbar, you will see

You can choose database in the 1st edit window and part of the board in the 2nd.

Press 'OK' and new window with chosen fuseki/joseki will open. In this window you will see position - fuseki/joseki exit point for given game. This is usual fuseki/joseki window with all functions enabled.

So this way you can explore fuseki/joseki for your game.