Fuseki Analyzer

Fuseki Analyzer is a powerful tool for exploration opening stage of the game.

It becomes much more useful with increasing number of games in database.

With this tool you can analyze games form BIgo Assistant database and external games stored in SGF format.

Analyzed game shows in central full board window. In this window you can see whole game and possible opening moves from Full Fuseki database. Eight windows reflects posssible continuations of the game in correspondence parts of the main board. You can explore variations in all windows independently.

When the program could not find continuation of the variation for specified part of the board, it stops variation in the correspondent window.

You can make any from 9 windows active placing mouse on that window (you need not click on the window!).

Contol Panel shows Statistics for current and next move for active window.

'Board Options Toolbar' buttons acts for all windows together.