How to Register

1. Pay regisration fee. You can do it from our web site We'll send you license key.

2. Start program.

3. Go to Help -- Register.

4. Fill edit fields. If you copy Licence key to clipboard, 'Licence key' field fill automatically after mouse click on it.

5. Click 'Next' button

6. Follow instructions on the screen.

7 Wait for the answer. We'll send back activation code soon.

When you receive activation code.

1. Go to Help -- Register.

2. Press 'Enter Activation Code' button

3. Press the button 'Load...' and then choose the attached to our e-mail message file *.acd from its location
 - Copy code from the message to clipboard and paste it to edit window.

4. Press 'Finish'.

5. Reload the program.

6. Have a fun.