Options: Board

There are three different sets of Board Options:

Windows options

Background of the board can be:

Play Sound. You can change sound WAV file.

Switch 'Auto save window preferences' allows program save board size for future.

Switch 'Use discrete mouse move':

Switch state changing acts for the next newly opened window.

Clipboard options

Sets Background for the board image for Clipboard.

Board Coordinates Options

This set of options describe appearence of coordinates rulers in the board window if they made enabled with the Show Coordinates button () or from View -- Game Board -- Show Coordinates menu.

There are four same sets for each side of the board: left, right, top and bottom. So user have full control on coordinate ruler tuning.

At the Figure you can see default state of this set of options.


Visible - Switches on/off visibility of ruler.

Inverted - changes order of coordinate labels for opposite.

Style - sets style of coordinate label.

Font - sets Font properties for coordinate labels.