File: Page Setup: Diagrams

All parameters enabled only for proper Diagram types (File ->Page Setup -> General -> Diagram Types).

'Thick borders'. Determines whether border lines of the diagram will be more thick than all other or not.

'Show letters on board'. If checked, letters defines choice for the next move will be shown at the printed diagram.

'Show captured moves'. Shows captured moves in the footnote, if checked.

'Show diagram header'. Shows 'Game Info' if checked.

'Show dia numbers'. Shows number of diagram for print set, if checked.

'Diagrams Size for board 19x19'. Determines size of diagrams (in centimetres) coerced to size 19x19.

'Space between diagrams (X axis)'. Horisontal space between diagrams in centimetres.

'Space between diagrams (Y axis)'. Vertical space between diagrams in centimetres.

'Variation options' - additional options for print variations tree.

'Show move numbers for the 1st dia'. Show-hide move numbers for initial position.

'Additional info'. Print some additional information in the diagram header (Print variation).