BIgo Assistant Full Edition Databases

Go games database (version 0.84) includes about 1 080 000 Go games records of strong (5 dan), very strong (6-7 dan) amateurs and professionals (more than 30 000 professional games part of which are anonymous for now (only players rank is given)). There are very few games of weak players. Handicap games also include in database

Go Opening Databases built from the game database:

Subbases are subsets of full the Go Games Database:

Cho Chikun (1383 games), Cho Hunhyun (1265 games), Fujisawa Hideyuki (514 games), Go Seigen (821 games), Kato Masao (1002 games), Kobayashi Koichi (980 games), Lee Changho (1075 games), Ma Xiaochun (718 games), Nie Weiping (545 games), O Rissei (510 games), Rin Kaiho (1117 games), Sakata Eio (731 games), Takemiya Masaki (753 games), Yoo Changhyuk (815 games), Otake Hideo (779 games) and many other.

Games of professional Go players was taken from about 50 Yearbooks (Japanese Kido, Korean Baduk and Chinese WeiQi), about 200 monthly Go magazines, other Go publications and from Internet are included in Professional Games Database.

Databases updates

There are continuous update of databases provided.

Montly updates of the Go Games Database are: