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Every time when reading a book in Go and meeting a position diagram that includes a few moves from a professional game, I am bitter about the impossibility to see how that game started and what was the outcome of it. Now we have BiGo Assistant, a wonderful tool to satisfy my curiosity, and Internet - a great thing to share its results with other people. At this page we publish 'Games to Go Books'. This is a collection of games mentioned in Go Books...

Book Author Games
The Master of Go Yasunari Kawabata1
Winning a Won Game Go Seigen13
Beauty and the BeastShen Guosun, 7 dan17
Killer of GoSakata Eio19
Dictionary of Basic Joseki, vol. 2Yoshio Ishida67
Dictionary of Basic Joseki, vol. 3Yoshio Ishida54
A Compendium of Trick PlaysThe Nihon Kiin2

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