BIgo Assistant is a game of Go (Baduk, WeiQi) database program directed to users who want to improve their playing strength.

BIgo Assistant will be useful for Go players from 20 kyu to high professional dans.

This Help File describes BIgo Assistant Full 0.84, BIgo Assistant Profi 0.84, BIgo Assistant Tiny 0.84 and BIgo Joseki 0.1.
BIgo Joseki distributes as a separate program and incorporated in BIgo Assistant Full.
There are two main difference between versions of BIgo Assistant:
1. Size of Game and Fuseki/Joseki Databases.
2. BIgo Joseki is not include in BIgo Assistant Profi and Tiny.

We have tried to make BIgo Assistant interface intuitively clear. But in any case some thing needs additional explanation. After reading the overview topics in this section, pick any section in Tasks to learn how to use main program features, or read Tips & Tricks for information about the cool features of BIgo Assistant. Menus and Toolbars provide details on each command. Shortcuts will help you work with program quickly and conveniently.

This is a 2nd version of Help file with some gaps. We'll try to fill them soon.

Your feedback is always welcome. If you find any bugs in the program or documentation, or have suggestions for making the program more useful, please let us know. We'll update the online version of this Help at frequently as we learn where people have questions, so please check there first if you think this Help is missing the clue you need. See Technical Support if you still need help.

Thank you for using BIgo Assistant. We hope you enjoy the program.

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